Introductory Offer Bundle ($29.99)

Priced individually: $65.98

Bundle Discount is automatically applied during checkout.

  • ONE 2 oz. jar of Skin Care (Original or Fragrance Free)
  • TWO .5 oz. Skin Care travel jars (your choice of 3 scents)
  • Flat-rate $2.95 Shipping (U.S.)

Select the configurable products options you wish for your bundle and add to your cart. Your discounted $29.99 bundle pricing will be shown at checkout after coupon code INTRO has been automatically applied.

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InfiniteAloe Skin Care

The original formula InfiniteAloe® Skin Care in three pleasant variations brings a soothing difference to dry, tough or difficult skin conditions.

Travel Size Skin Care


Travel Size Skin Care

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$29.99 Introductory Offer!

  1. Select ONE 2 oz. InfiniteAloe Original Formula OR Fragrance Free Skin Care.
  2. Select TWO convenient .5 oz. travel jars in any of InfiniteAloe’s three Advanced Formula varieties.
  3. Add the bundle to your shopping cart! (See Introductory Offer Coupon tab for more details.)

Bundle must comply with the above guidelines. Any other configuration does not qualify for this special pricing. Limit of one purchase of this $29.99 bundle per order (other bundles may be purchased though).

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Introductory Offer Coupon

To receive this $29.99 introductory offer bundle, mix and match the scent options to your preferences. To do this, select the product scent variety or varieties you want before adding the bundle to your cart (see the Bundle Configuration Help for scent selection instructions).

The coupon code INTRO should be seen during checkout (it activates this special discount).

Coupon code is for one use per customer only. No other price discount coupons apply to this bundle.

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Bundle Configuration Help

With our configurable bundles you have a choice in scents for some products. We’ve tested a number of different ways to allow customers to easily configure their scent choices within the bundles. These methods have to function across all web browsers and devices (including mobile phones and tablets). The best way seems to be for customers to make their configurable selection of each product’s scent individually, one product at a time.

For speed, we have set all bundle selection scent options by default to Original since that is by far the most popular fragrance. However, your scent options can be easily changed by selecting the ones you want using the dropdown like the one depicted below (your dropdown option may look different depending on your device or web browser used but the functionality will be essentially the same):

Bundle configuration selection help

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