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This was only a cosmetic change: No ingredient or product formula changes were made during the updates noted below.

Throughout 2022 and into early 2023, several label designs, product names, and jar color changes were implemented. In fact, the entire line of InfiniteAloe products have been updated to the new gold logo design. This design replaced the older black or green designs. Please note that some products still may have the old labeling as jar inventories are worked through instead of discarded.

There have also been changes in the color of some jars: the Original skin care cream now comes in a light pink jar, and the Fragrance Free cream now comes in a white jar.

  • InfiniteAloe Skin Care cream has been renamed Everyday Hero™ Complete Skin Care™. It is the same product. Everyday Hero is a product line name within the InfiniteAloe brand. Complete Skin Care is the product's new name.

  • InfiniteAloe SCRUB has been rebranded now as Everyday Hero™ Baby Soft Scrub.

  • The Gold Anti-Aging product line is now rebranded with the réparneu emphasis and updated labeling.

  • RxRenew Microdermabrasion Cream is now called réparneu Skin Polish.

No ingredient or product formula changes were made in the above-noted updates.

Our goal is to see that your InfiniteAloe products are quickly delivered to you. We use the United States Postal Service (USPS) and ship via First Class or Priority Mail packages for most orders. Some orders are shipped via UPS when that is superior. You can count on receiving most in-stock U.S. orders within 3-5 business days.

We want you to be satisfied with your experience. That includes your usage of InfiniteAloe products and your purchases on

If something with your order is not as it should be then please reach out to our Support Team so we can make it right. You may file a return request here.

Please note that is an online-only authorized seller. If you purchased your InfiniteAloe products at Costco or through another seller, then you will need to process your return request through them.

Yes. We are and the InfiniteAloe® parent company (Ultimate Creations Inc.) owns We are not in competition with each other. We exist to provide more customer choice in purchasing venues. is an authorized online seller for InfiniteAloe® products. Our direct relationship with InfiniteAloe allows us to better serve you with the best prices and easiest way to buy InfiniteAloe online. Our focus is primarily on serving individual consumers who order through loyalty programs (cash-back sites) and partners within the InfiniteAloe affiliate program.

To determine whether you should contact or the InfiniteAloe corporate headquarters, simply check your Order ID.

Coupon Codes

Occasionally, there are discounts available through special coupon codes. Some coupon codes activate free shipping for customers in the United States and Canada. These free shipping offers usually have a lower minimum spend. On rare occasions like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, there may be other special coupons with percentage off discounts.

We typically publish our latest coupon codes here. We sometimes send special coupons to people who subscribe to our newsletter. You can sign up for the newsletter by using the form at the bottom of the website. Finally, we sometimes give our trusted affiliates and partners a special coupon to share with their readers, members, and/or fans.


InfiniteAloe sets are heavily discounted and sold at the absolute lowest online price possible. We are typically unable to offer additional discounts due to retail distribution agreements with offline sellers such as Costco. To put it simply, we do not engage in unfair undercutting of InfiniteAloe distributors.

In the past, each type of bundle was limited to just one per customer per order. Customers are now allowed to buy multiples of any bundle type within the same order.

To add an identical set or configuration, simply adjust the quantity ordered within your shopping cart and update the cart. To change the scents of an extra set, simply customize these options and then add the additional set (or sets) to your cart.

Some InfiniteAloe coupon codes are valid only on orders over a certain value or size. To enjoy the benefits of an InfiniteAloe coupon code, you must make sure to meet any minimum spend requirement. This can be done by selecting products and/or sets that add up to the specified minimum value. Shipping and taxes (and usually gift cards) do not qualify toward this minimum spend value.

Cash Back / Loyalty

While we don’t have a formal Loyalty Program, we have what may be the next best thing! has exclusively partnered with many cash back “loyalty sites” like Rakuten Shopping (formerly Ebates), TopCashback, Mr. Rebates, PayPal Rewards (formerly Honey), Sunshine Rewards, BeFrugal, and more. When you purchase online from through these partner sites you can earn cash back on your purchase!


The InfiniteAloe affiliate program is professionally managed by AffGeek. Tracking links and payments are administered through the trusted ShareASale affiliate network. This opportunity is available to affiliate partners worldwide.

Earn a great commission promoting InfiniteAloe products on your website, blog, and/or social channels! Learn more about the InfiniteAloe affiliate program (includes application link).

Since is an online-only distributor, you’ll need to talk to the InfiniteAloe corporate team about all local sales jobs. Please call the InfiniteAloe Preferred Customer line at 1-888-323-2456 to inquire about any employment openings.

Security uses SSL encryption technology site-wide. That means your entire browsing and shopping experience with us is encrypted (like banks use) for your security.

Yes! We are pleased to accept PayPal payment for orders. Just select the PayPal option when you check out.

We accept all major credit cards. Addresses are verified, and all orders are carefully screened for fraud.

We do not store your credit card data on our website or web server. We give customers the choice to save their credit card information with their account. If chosen, the card details are securely stored with our credit card processor, not at

You may also check out using PayPal for an added layer of insulation. In either case, we do not have access to your credit card.

At we want to think the best of people and the vast majority of the time we are able to do so. That being said, there are a few unethical characters who aim to “take us for a ride.” Such attempts most commonly occur in relation to our higher valued products allegedly not being packed within the shipment.

To prevent loss due to theft along these lines, we have instituted several order processing integrity measures. These efforts not only help improve the accuracy of our shipping and handling department but we feel improve the customer’s order experience.

In particular (and especially relating to items that have a higher incidence of attempted fraud), we have instituted multiple packing accuracy verification procedures. These procedures may include any or all the following steps:

  • Two staff members checking that all purchased products were included before the package is sealed

  • Staff members’ names or initials on the packing slip documenting verification

  • Archived photo documentation of the shipment showing the order ID and packed product(s) before sealing the package

  • Package tracking numbers

Please note that due to the above procedures we do not routinely ship “replacement products” for alleged missing items. We do, however, replace items that are damaged during shipment (extremely rare) and properly returned.

Environmental Stewardship

IA products are manufactured in accordance with current Good Manufacturing Practices. These products have also been manufactured according to all decisions made by the World Health Organization, EU Cosmetics Directive, and all applicable United States Federal, state, and local laws and regulations. All necessary adjustments and controls have been applied.

Based upon our knowledge about the ingredients and manufacturing process of the products, the following statements by Ultimate Creations InfiniteAloe Inc hold true and correct:

  • We hereby confirm we do not conduct nor commission animal testing including without limitation, formulations and ingredients of our products.

Furthermore, every jar of InfiniteAloe® carries the Leaping Bunny logo which is recognized globally as the “Cruelty Free” symbol. The standards for using the Leaping Bunny logo are higher than those of the government.

Using the Leaping Bunny logo indicates that InfiniteAloe and its ingredient suppliers have not used animal testing in any part of the product development or production.

The team at is dedicated to actively seeking out ways to conserve resources. This goal applies to both our day-to-day office and our warehouse / shipping operations. Not only does this effort minimize waste, but it helps us maintain competitive pricing.

One of the most effective conservation strategies we’ve found is to reduce packing waste when shipping customer orders. To accomplish this, we do the following when possible:

  • Use small shipping boxes

  • Re-use packing materials (padding) from our internal operations (and other local businesses when available)

  • Use “kraft” packaging paper that can be composted

If you have any additional conservation ideas for us, then please let us know. We also encourage you to reuse the shipping boxes and packing materials from your order when possible.

InfiniteAloe Products

The majority of InfiniteAloe products are manufactured in California. All InfiniteAloe products are made in the USA, except for one product line. In fact, all InfiniteAloe skincare products were manufactured in California from 2004 to 2021. In 2021, a new line of Biocellulose Masks was introduced. They are manufactured in Japan.

In short, other than their scent or fragrance, all InfiniteAloe skin care products have the same ingredients.

  • Original – The fragrance contains ingredients which are the primary components of rose oil, palmarosa oil, citronella oil, and other plant oils. Its mild odor has also been described as sweet-floral, bergamot, lavender, and slightly balsamic.

  • Fragrance Free – No added scent or fragrance.

In the past, there was a scent called Special Edition (light “woodsy” or “musk-like” scent derived from essential oils). Special Edition jars are no longer available.

The fragrance for IA réparneu Gold is largely derived from a mixture of Bergamot Oil, Lemon Oil, Sage Clary Oil, and Peppermint Oil.

For the most detail, please visit our main Ingredients page. You can find comprehensive information about each InfiniteAloe product on their main product page. Just navigate to the "Ingredients" section on the page for these important details.

For each specially-configured set, please review the product’s specific page (or the main Ingredients page) for their ingredients. To save space, ingredients are not listed out for each configurable product option within the set.

No, IA products do not contain any parabens.

IA products use 100% certified organic aloe barbadensis miller.

There was a significant volcanic eruption on Hawaii in 2018. Prior to that catastrophic event, InfiniteAloe’s aloe vera was sourced from the rich volcanic soils of Hawaii. Volcanic soils are sometimes called “andisols” by soil scientists and one of the most fertile types of soil on earth.

Since the volcanic eruption in 2018, it has become harder to find organic Aloe in Hawaii. Some people believe that it will take years before a substantial amount of Aloe is grown in Hawaii again.

InfiniteAloe currently sources its organic Aloe Vera from the fertile volcanic soil of Mexico. As before, this Aloe Vera is 100% certified organic. It is prepared with a special process that makes it more bioactive – which means having an effect on a living organism (like us!).

The source of the collagen used in InfiniteAloe products is marine collagen (i.e. from fish) rather than bovine collagen, which is more commonly used within the skin care industry. Using 100% vegetable-based collagen would significantly increase product costs.

IA products are "mostly vegan." However, collagen sourced from fish is used in réparneu Gold and Everyday Hero Complete Skin Care. Only Baby Soft Scrub and réparneu Skin Polish can be classified as vegan.

IA products are manufactured in accordance with current Good Manufacturing Practices. These products have also been manufactured according to all decisions made by the World Health Organization, EU Cosmetics Directive, and all applicable United States Federal, state, and local laws and regulations. All necessary adjustments and controls have been applied.

Based upon our knowledge about the ingredients and manufacturing process of the products, the following statements by Ultimate Creations InfiniteAloe Inc hold true and correct:

  • Free of GMO (Genetically Modified Organism).

  • May contain impurities or residues of gluten-containing ingredients that is within the acceptable limits as set forth by the FDA to be less than 20 ppm (parts per million).

SPF stands for sun protection factor and is a measure of the effectiveness of sunscreen products to prevent sunburn. Although InfiniteAloe cream has some ingredients that might offer minimal sunburn protection, it doesn't make any claims about sun protection.In short, there is no SPF rating for any InfiniteAloe product.

Many InfiniteAloe users desiring sunburn protection simply apply InfiniteAloe skin care cream in the morning, and later when needed, apply their preferred sunscreen product.

IA products remain effective for 24 months after opening, but the duration of each jar may differ depending on usage.

IA Complete Skin Care - When applying twice a day to the face, hands, and feet, it is usually used up in 4–6 months. If used aggressively on the entire body every day, it's likely to be consumed within a month. When used only as a face cream or hand cream, the 8oz jar can last more than 6 months.

IA réparneu Gold - The IA Gold product is meant to be used on the face, eyes, neck, and tops of the hands - in short, where the aging process is most evident. The 6.7oz jar lasts most people 6–12 months, the 1.7oz jar 2–4 months, and the half ounce jar up to about a month.

IA Baby Soft Scrub - Most people use a jar (4oz) every 4–6 months; however, usage varies greatly. Some people will finish a jar in a month, while others will use it occasionally and have it last for over a year.

IA Skin Polish Microdermabrasion - The Microdermabrasion Cream is meant to be used once about every 3–7 days (though some enjoy using it daily). That varied usage translates into approximately one jar every 2–6 months.

Store IA products in a cool and dry place, avoiding exposure to heat and humidity (like a sunny window sill). You can store IA skincare products in the refrigerator to make them last longer. But do not store them in the freezer or let them freeze.

The 8oz IA airless pump bottle is called a Salon Bottle. It allows families and groups of people to easily and hygienically share the same skincare. The bottle itself is a cylinder-shaped container. It contains the same quantity of product as the 8oz jar.

The Salon Bottle has a base on the bottom that is pushed up when you squeeze the pump on the top of the jar. This action forces the air to the jar's bottom. It also reduces the cream's contact with air, keeping it fresh and uncontaminated until it reaches your skin. Sometimes, new or unused airless pump salon bottles may require extra pumping to start the first application of cream.

Sadly, we do not have any salon bottles in stock at this time. In the past, Original and Fragrance Free InfiniteAloe skin care cream was sold in airless salon bottles. It has, however, been unavailable for online sales since early 2020.

IA products have a 5-year shelf life. After opening a sealed product, it should be used within 24 months.

Please consult your healthcare provider for advice on using InfiniteAloe products during pregnancy or while nursing or before usage on babies and young children. We cannot provide medical advice or anything similar to it due to legal restrictions.

We also feel you should know that InfiniteAloe products are not specifically labeled for pregnancy, nursing, babies, or children. That being said, many pregnant women have told us that they have used and benefited from InfiniteAloe skin care cream during and after pregnancy. Similarly, numerous parents and caregivers have shared with us that they use InfiniteAloe Everyday Hero Complete Skin Care cream on their babies and children.

How Do I...

With our configurable sets (formerly called bundles) you have a choice in scents for some skin care products. We’ve tested a number of different ways to allow customers to easily configure their scent choices within these sets. These methods have to function across all web browsers and devices (including mobile phones and tablets). The best way seems to be for customers to make their configurable selection of each product’s scent by product type and size.

For speed, we have set all set selection scent options by default to Original since that is by far the most popular fragrance. However, your scent options can be easily changed by selecting the ones you want using a "dropdown" selection option (simply click or tap on the "box" to change the sent selection).

To remove products or product sets from your shopping cart, simply tap or click the “X” icon to the left of the product or bundle you wish to remove.

We’re always glad to hear from our customers! Please reach out to us here and tell us how InfiniteAloe helped you and your skin.

Another way to share your success stories (and usage tips) is to leave an InfiniteAloe product review on the relevant product or set page. It’s very easy to do. Just select the “Reviews” tab on these pages and share your rating and story!


Our aim is to hold sufficient product inventory to ship your entire order to you quickly. On the other hand, even though our warehouse is climate-controlled, we aim to limit quantities to anticipated demand levels so products do not sit there very long. We time these things carefully so you receive the freshest products.

On rare occasions we do not accurately predict customer demand and sell out of our warehouse stock for a few days. In these situations, we usually accept more orders for these products while the manufacturer is sending us a new shipment. Please note that temporarily sold-out products are usually labeled as "on backorder".

When a product is backordered, that means it is currently out of stock in our warehouse. However, every few days we receive new product shipments from manufacturing. That means your order is likely to be delayed only 1-4 days.

If there are longer delays (very rare), we are able to ship partial orders. That means we can ship the in-stock items you ordered right away and then ship your backordered items when they are in-stock with us again. In either case, our goal is to get all your items delivered to you quickly.

We ship the majority of InfiniteAloe products through the United States Postal Service (USPS) via First Class or Priority Mail. Some orders are shipped by UPS when that makes more sense.

We alert you when your order is ready to be shipped and you are emailed a USPS tracking ID. You can track the status of your package through USPS Tracking services (or with UPS Tracking in some cases).

Yes! We ship to the entire United States of America. Furthermore, we do not charge extra for shipping to Alaska or Hawaii.

In addition to the entire United States and Canada, we ship to the following countries and territories:

  • Australia

  • Bahamas

  • Bahrain

  • Belgium

  • Czech Republic

  • Denmark

  • Finland

  • France

  • Germany

  • Guam

  • Hong Kong

  • Iceland

  • Israel

  • Italy

  • Japan

  • Kuwait

  • New Zealand

  • Norway

  • Poland

  • Puerto Rico

  • Qatar

  • Saudi Arabia

  • Singapore

  • South Korea

  • Spain

  • Sweden

  • Taiwan

  • United Arab Emirates

  • United Kingdom

  • Virgin Islands (British and U.S.)

Please note that since we do not have any warehouses outside North America, it’s significantly more expensive for us to ship our products to customers within these countries. We’re happy to do so; however, please note that our free shipping coupons and offers do not apply to addresses outside the United States and Canada.

Please note that all customs and international taxes due are the responsibility of the customer.

Please note that international packages may be subject to duties and taxes which are not included in the checkout pricing. We do not reimburse customs fees and are not responsible for any customs charges. These fees are determined by the importing country and we have no control over them.

The duty-free limits for packages are set by local customs authorities. For more information, please refer to your local customs website. Unfortunately, we cannot provide estimates for international taxes and fees prior to delivery.

Duty is a tariff charged on imported goods by the destination country. Rates vary depending on the product and country of origin. Customs fees are determined by factors such as the manufacturing country and the item's original value.

Please be aware that there may be additional charges upon delivery, in addition to taxes and duties.

Shipping InfiniteAloe products and sets to customers can be quite a challenge due to their weight and somewhat bulky nature. We offer free shipping for customers in the United States and Canada for certain products, sets, and orders above a specific size to help reduce costs for our customers.

For those orders below this minimum threshold, however, we offer what we call "IA Rate Saver" shipping terms. While not "free shipping," these rates are discounted, usually well below the best-available ones through our shipping partners. We help InfiniteAloe reach more people in this way!

Costco Shows

You can browse event dates and addresses by region here at Costco’s website. These events are conducted by the InfiniteAloe corporate team in cooperation with Costco.

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