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Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed!

We guarantee you will be satisfied with the InfiniteAloe products you buy from us. If not, you quality for an exchange or refund!

Put another way, you can return your InfiniteAloe.shop purchase within 90 days if you are not satisfied. Just follow the instructions below to request your exchange or refund.

Exchanges & Refunds

To process a product return for an exchange or refund, we need the following:

  • Your contact information.

  • Your InfiniteAloe.shop order number (orders from InfiniteAloe.com or Costco, etc. must be returned through their channels).

  • Your reason for returning the product.

Complete the Return Request Form found on this page. A member of the InfiniteAloe.shop team will respond and give you permission to return the product(s) to us. Upon receipt of the product(s) being returned, we will process a refund for your product purchase price (or an exchange when applicable).

Please note that shipping costs are not included in the refunded amount. Likewise, it is the responsibility of the purchaser to cover the cost of shipping the product back to us. You will be refunded the amount of the product purchased through InfiniteAloe.shop only. Adjustments may be made to account for coupon and discount usage when appropriate. Please see Help / FAQ for additional details.

*FREE Shipping applied to overs over $75 USD within the United States & Canada.

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